Duke Miller Winner at Outdoor Photographer Magazine 2013

By Bob Grytten | Jul 04, 2013
Photo by: Duke Miller
  • ”Duke” Miller has been a lens lugger almost since we began, so it is a double pleasure that we can present him with Congratulations on his selection as a winner in the 2013 Outdoor Photographer Magazine Contest for Landscapes.

Crater Lake by Duke Miller, 3rd Place Outdoor Photographer National Landscape Contest

  • Location: Crater Lake National Park, Oregon
  • August, 20, 2012
  • Nikon D300, Nikkor 16-85mm VR @ 16mm, Handheld, ISO 250, 1/60, f/11
  • We scheduled dinner the evening the photograph was taken to coincide with sunset over Crater Lake.  As we arrived, it started to rain, and while waiting to be seated, a storm began to approach from the eastern side of the lake. I, and about 50 other guests heard enormous thunder and lightening outside, and then noticed the appearance of a double rainbow. A bit of a calamity ensued, to say the least…49 or so camera phones and one Nikon D300, firing away!
  • Post-processing with Lightroom.
  • For half a century, since taking Photo Journalism 301 in college, I’ve had a fascination with photography. It was the early sixties, and we were issued Yashica reflex cameras, rolls of black and white film, and did our own developing and printing. To put that into perspective, it was the year Ansel Adams received the Sierra Club‘s John Muir Award at the age of 61. Fast forward to the film-less, digital age. “Storm & Double Rainbow On Crater Lake” was taken during the culmination a bucket-list trip to Oregon’s famed Crater Lake National Park.
  • The lake, formed when Mount Mazama erupted centuries ago, is over 1900 feet deep with surrounding cliffs reaching 2,000 feet. It has always held a particular fascination for me as a nature lover and photographer. After three days of hiking, I’m convinced this park is one of the most under-rated photo ops in the country, and this photograph could only be described as a once-in-a-photographer’s-lifetime serendipitous moment. The sun was setting to the left of frame; an isolated, rather violent thunderstorm began forming in the center of the lake; a double rainbow, part of which springs from the top of a huge evergreen, suddenly appeared; and if that wasn’t enough. equally fortuitous was our vantage point–a ledge over 1,500 feet above the lake’s surface, affording the rare opportunity to peer down into the storm as it formed. It doesn’t get more special than that! — Duke Miller
  • Mapa en relieve del Parque Nacional Lago del C...

    Mapa en relieve del Parque Nacional Lago del Cráter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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