Elaine Orr presents her novel "A Different Sun"

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City Lights Bookstore
3 E. Jackson St., Sylva
City Lights Bookstore
Nov 08, 2013
6:30 PM

Elaine Orr will read from and sign her novel "A Different Sun" at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 8 at City Lights Bookstore.

In "A Different Sun," 20-year-old Emma Bowman arrives in West Africa in 1853 as the continent’s first white woman missionary. She has followed her new husband, Henry, a worldly but troubled man. Here, Emma will either survive a trial by fire — or succumb to a crisis of faith. Among the Yoruba people, Emma learns to recognize the grim reminders of the brutal slave trade. And as her husband battles fever, his gift of a writing box with its diary becomes Emma’s solace.  Lee Smith, author of "On Agate Hill" and the newly released "Guests on Earth" said, “As lyrical and passionate a novel as has ever been written, 'A Different Sun' shines in the mind like a rare gem… A memorable and altogether original story.”

Orr is a professor of English at North Carolina State University where she teaches world literature and creative writing. She is also on the faculty of the brief-residency MFA in the writing program at Spalding University in Louisville.