Elderly Canton man killed in car crash

Jan 02, 2014

An early evening car crash near Maggie Valley killed a 90-year-old Canton resident on New Year's Day.

The accident occurred when Herman Morgan, the driver of a Nissan Maxima, turned left at a flashing caution light from Jonathan Creek Road onto Dellwood Road.

Torry Pinter, who was driving in the right-hand lane did not have a chance to hit the brakes on his Chevy Truck while heading through the green light just past Dollar General, said Maggie Valley Police Department Sgt. Russ Gilliland. His truck T-boned the car, where the driver, a passenger named Darnelle Camp and the elderly passenger Frank Morgan, who was in the back seat.

The impact likely totaled both vehicles and both Herman Morgan and Frank Morgan were transported to Med-West Haywood, where Frank Morgan later died.

MAMA helicopter landed at Jonathan Valley Elementary School and air lifted Darnelle Camp to Mission Hospital. Gilliland said as of Thursday afternoon, she was in stable condition.

A police department accident reconstruction team is investigating the accident.

"You can see by the physical evidence that the truck wasn't even able to put his brakes on before he hit this guy," Gilliland said.

New Year's Day was a busy day for the police department, which worked three vehicle accidents in a three-hour period within three miles of each other, he said, however the others were not life threatening.

So far, no citations have been issued in the fatal wreck.

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Posted by: Dean K Lind | Jan 03, 2014 08:12

I think the new flashing yellow traffic lights are very confusing, I goggled them to learn when you can turn and when you can't after I came upon one where the main light was red and the arrow was flashing yellow with no oncoming traffic. I learned that I could have turned left in that situation. It doesn't seem like there has been enough publicity about them.

Dean Lind

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