Envisioning My Southern Future

By Michaela M. Woodard | Apr 09, 2013

An elderly couple rests on the front porch of an old, run down farm house. They look out to the aged ranch that lies before them, traveling for miles and miles. The small breeze rolls in through the older woman’s short rolled hair, grabbing a piece of her bangs and placing it delicately over her eye. Her husband leans over from the chair beside her and brushes it out of her face with his worn, hard-worked, aching hands. The mountain view is slowly swallowing the remarkable sunset and bringing the land more into nighttime with every second that passes. The only sounds that are heard are the chirps of the well crickets, the panting of the dog’s breath, the light summer breeze, and the occasional tire on gravel. Life as a true Southerner could not be much simpler.

As a lady, born and raised in the South, this is what I look forward to every day of my life. I can only hope that this will be my husband and I some day, at our house. The Southern Life is the only life I want to live.