Evergreen Foundation awards Mountain Projects/ WNC Teen Institute

Jan 02, 2013

Mountain Projects announced the receipt of a $6,500 grant from the Evergreen Foundation to help sponsor the June 2013 WNC Summer Teen Institute Program to be held at Mars Hill College in June 2013.

Teen Institute is a three to five day comprehensive program designed to train, mobilize and empower youth to prevent the illegal use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs and self-destructive behaviors in themselves and their peers. Teen Institute emphasizes peer leadership and positive life skills development. Life-skills training is experiential and incorporated into many elements of the Teen Institute experience. Opportunities to learn life skills are provided during Teen Institute programs, and youth are encouraged to actively apply them after the program is over. Also, each student who participates is ask to sign a pledge to be alcohol, tobacco, and other drug-free for the next year.

Teen Institute involves participants in a strategic planning process with the specific intent that plans of action developed during the program will act as catalysts for continued involvement in pro-social, peer leadership activities in one’s school and/or community.

“Mountain Projects has held two Summer Teen Institutes so far,” said Georgia Raines, coordinator for WNC Teen Institute, “and as a result, there are student groups active in 14 schools in six counties in Region A involving about 150 students. We greatly appreciated the support of the Evergreen Foundation for another Summer Teen Institute so we can continue to build youth leadership and involvement in their local communities by offering this leadership experience to more students.”