Evergreen grant boosts Meridian's jail services

Feb 12, 2017

A grant from the Evergreen Foundation to Meridian Behavioral Health in the amount of $27,000 has made it possible for many people who have been arrested to receive behavioral health assessments, services and continued engagement of services after release from jail.

This grant has supported a partnership with Haywood and Jackson county jails to serve people who might otherwise not get the support they need for a life of recovery.

Meridian’s presence at the jails have allowed staff to go into the jails to assist individuals who are in need of services. Additionally, this grant has provided Meridian the opportunity to provide education to jail staff about addiction and its inherent challenges for those affected by it.

Through the Evergreen financial pledge of support, Meridian has been able to engage inmates in the jail and assist numerous men and women in securing long-term residential treatment at places — such as First at Blue Ridge, First Step Farm and Triangle Residential Options for Substance Abusers.

Others have engaged in outpatient services with Meridian’s intensive outpatient services and recovery education centers. The initiation of services in the jail setting allow trust to be built with the individual inmates leads to them seek treatment upon release.