Evergreen Hospital transportation grant awarded to Appalachian Community Services

Feb 12, 2013

To assist clients with transportation from psychiatric facilities back to their homes, the Evergreen Foundation has provided a $7,500 grant at the request of Appalachian Community Services and Meridian Behavioral Health. This grant will provide hospital-to-home transportation through June 30.
When an individual seeks psychiatric treatment voluntarily, Smoky Mountain Center has historically provided funding to transport them the facility, which may be several hours away. Sometimes, however, the problem for the clients is how to get back home again.
“Distant hospitals often decline admission to clients unless they know the client will have transportation to get back after discharge,” said Doug Trantham, clinical director at Appalachian Community Services. “Without a hospital that is willing to accept the patient, individuals may wait many days in the local emergency room.”
Combined with ongoing support from Smoky Mountain Center, the service provided through the Evergreen Foundation grant will reduce emergency department wait times and help clients access voluntary inpatient treatment. Emergency transportation services are authorized by Appalachian Community Services Mobile Crisis and provided by ECB Contracting.
Appalachian Community Services provides Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Intellectual/Developmental Disability services in Cherokee, Clay, Graham, Haywood, Jackson, Macon and Swain counties. Individuals in need of services are encouraged to call 837-0071.