Fair Trade Mother's Day

Celebrate the Women You Love by Supporting Women Worldwide
By Fay Grant | May 07, 2014

This weekend will be a beautiful celebration of unconditional love and appreciation for the influence of mothers, grandmothers and maternal figures all over the world.

World Fair Trade Day lands on May 10 and I can’t think of a better way to honor them than the fair trade way. A lot of people question what it means to be “fair trade,” how it makes an impact and why purchasing fair trade items makes a difference.

In summary, fair trade certified products require compliance with domestic and international labor laws which prevent forced labor, human trafficking, poverty, sweatshop labor and degradation of the environment while ensuring equitable trade practices.

By purchasing fair trade gifts this Mother’s Day, you’re not only celebrating the women closest to you, you’re ensuring that farmers and artisans in developing countries can build safer, stronger families and communities.

As a huge supporter of fair trade products, I’m beyond excited to feature some local fair trade Mother’s Day gift ideas and where to buy them.

Panacea Coffeehouse and Café — Waynesville

This cozy coffee shop located in Historic Frog Level carries a large selection of organic fair trade coffees in a wide variety of flavors. Whether you’re looking for sweet, rich coffee with a chocolaty finish from Nicaragua or a cleanly balanced Mexican coffee with notes of cocoa and citrus — you’re sure to give her Mother’s Day a deliciously aromatic (and ethical) start.

Ten Thousand Villages — Asheville

If you’re looking for fair trade products, this is the place to go. They provide unemployed artisans with an opportunity to earn vital income and improve their quality of life by establishing a sustainable market for their handcrafted products.

Ten Thousand Villages is a founding member of the World Fair Trade Organization, a global network of more than 350 fair trade organizations in 70 countries. From cards to chocolates to soaps to…well, anything…I can give you the rundown on the best of the best to buy this Mother’s Day.

1) First on everyone’s list is tackling the love-filled Mother’s Day card that expresses the gratitude you have for the women closest to you. Cards from Africa rebuilds lives and is environmentally sustainable, providing cards that are handcrafted by men and women in Rwanda that have lost their parents to AIDS or the 1994 genocide.

Their lovely creations are made from recycled papers by hand and practice fair trade principles. Your card won’t only touch the heart; it will help families rebuild their lives with dignity.

2) The Sacred Sari Throw is patched with love and repurposed by rescued victims of sex trafficking. Sacred Mark is helping empower women who have left the sex trade in Bangladesh by giving them work in soap making and handicrafts. In a variety of colors and designs, these one-of-a-kind throws and duvets are a captivating representation of faith, empowerment and beauty.

3) Handcrafted in Ghana from natural ingredients and hand-cut into small batches, the intoxicating aroma of their fair trade Shea Butter Soaps are hard to pass up. The women of Ghana harvest the fruit of the shea trees themselves, roasting and crushing them into all-natural soaps in a variety of scents.

I love the fact that shea is known as “women’s gold” in Africa because it is packed with properties that treat everything from insect bites to severe sunburn. This moisturizing soap is beneficial for the entire body and not only will you be pampering her with ethically made soap - you’ll be empowering the women who harvest it. (via TenThousandVillages.com)


World Fair Trade Day Celebration

10 a.m. to 10 p.m. May 1 through May 15 at Whole Foods Market: 70 Merrimon Ave, Asheville

Celebrate World Fair Trade Day with special promotions on products from select fully committed fair trade brands like Alter Eco, Divine Chocolate, Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps, Guayaki Yerba Mate and Maggies' Organics. Experience the benefits of a fairer world and show your support for domestic and global farmers, producers and manufacturers dedicated to fair trade principles.

(via http://www.fairtraderesource.org)