Fall Prevention Tips

By Mountaineer Complete Care | Mar 21, 2014

Understanding fall prevention to be an important aspect of everyday life, doesn't seem that important on the outside. However, as we continue to age, health conditions coupled with physical changes and prescription medications, tend to lead to numerous amounts of falls. In fact, among the older population, falls tend to be the most aggravating injury that occurs. However, this aspect doesn't need to take precedence over your life. Installing fall prevention strategies within your everyday life will help make living a lot easier.


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  2. Keep your home free of clutter. Be aware of tripping hazards; animals, small rugs, uneven flooring, and unsecured bedding.

  3. Use a slip proof mat in the tub.

  4. Always keep telephone and electrical cords out of all pathways. Take advantage of using a cordless telephone.

  5. Attach a basket or carrying bag to your walker to carry phone and other items.

  6. Make sure adequate lighting is throughout your home. It is a safe tip to keep a night light in the bathroom.

  7. Install handrails in the bathtub and toilet area.

  8. Install handrails on both sides of stairway(s).

  9. Avoid over extending when reaching for objects, also avoid stepladders and stools where balance is an issue.

  10. Wipe up liquid spills immediately, to avoid an accident later.



In conclusion, every year one out of three adults over the age of 65 will fall, and over 2 million will be taken to the emergency room to be treated, according to the CDC(2014). Ergo, the potential to have an accidental fall will continue to increase as we age. The detrimental affects of these accidents can lead to hip fractures, brain injuries, other broken bones, which in turn can have a life altering change in one's health and independence forever. Therefore, as a precaution, it is best to apply these preventative fall tips to your everyday life to help you continue with healthy independent living.



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Jodie Wood

General Manager



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