Farm Bureau recognizes law enforcement

By DeeAnna Haney | Sep 04, 2013
Farm Bureau volunteer Betty Moody, bureau board member Marie Ferguson and Agency Manager Wendy Carver serve barbecue plates to Sheriff Greg Christopher and his wife, Sherri.

Haywood County Farm Bureau agents and volunteers spent most of their day Thursday cooking a barbecue feast for law enforcement across the county.

It was their way of saying thank you to all the law enforcement employees, said Wendy Carver, agency manager.

"We insure people's lives and they protect people's lives, so every day our paths cross in some way," she said.

All the agents pitched in to cook the barbecue, starting at 6 a.m. including Wayne Edwards, Jeff Mills, Aaron Jenkins, James Stone, Jennifer Best, Phil Wiley and Chris Moore.

The cabbage for the slaw was donated by Farm Bureau Board President, Don Smart, and was grown locally on his farm in Crabtree. The fresh sliced tomatoes were donated by another Board member, Tommy Clark; also locally grown on his farm in Bethel. The collaboration was made possible by Agency force who did all the cooking and County Farm Bureau board who purchased or donated the groceries.

By the end of the day, bureau agents served about 180 law enforcement workers.

"It was our pleasure to do it for the heroes of our county," Carver said.