Fashion Forward: Fall Back

By Kristian Buckner | Aug 13, 2014

It’s officially August, the month that begins the new school year, football, fall leaves, and everything great that involves autumn.

The lovely cusp between warm and cool weather, which for some may mean an awkward transition in their wardrobe from summer clothes to winter clothes. This metamorphosis of style doesn’t need to be difficult though, here are some helpful hints toward falling back, with grace.

Start off easy. Start your transition by incorporating fall accessories into the things that you’re already wearing. It’s still going to be warm for a while, so wearing those summer dresses and tanks can still work well into fall. Some great fall accessories that I like to wear are scarves, cardigans and definitely boots.

Just throw a cardigan or unbuttoned chambray (denim) top over your sleeveless things, and pair with it some cute booties and you are set!

Color can sometimes be an set back as well. For me, the biggest definition between summer and fall fashion is the color. Summer clothing is usually very bright and lively, while fall has more muted, richer colors. An easy way to continue wearing your summer brights into fall is by adding something — a sweater or scarf — to the outfit that is a neutral color, such as gray, brown, or black.

By doing this you are essentially toning down the remnants of summer. For example, say you have a bright pink dress that you’re not quite ready to part with for the season, simply by adding a gray or black scarf, or jacket, you are neutralizing the brightness of the pink, and creating a look that’ll work great for cooler weather.

Denim is another great fall staple. Often, when I think of autumn, I think of denim. When it gets too cool to wear the shorts and skirts of warm days passed, jeans are there to warm you without being too warm. However, denim is great for more than just pants, denim jackets are still, and may forever be, a perfect way to layer.

Speaking over layering, I’ve also been obsessed with my new accessory, a chambray top. Chambray is just a nice way to say, a casual, often looser, button-up denim shirt. It’s a great addition over tank-tops or T-shirts, and it’s lighter than a denim jacket, so it’s easier to move around in and generally more comfortable.

Lastly, focus on storage. Obviously not every piece of summer clothing will gracefully move along with the seasons, so pick out those pieces from your wardrobe, (I trust your discretion), and store them away somewhere else so they will not be taking up a great amount of room.

If you’re like me, you might have a lot of clothes, and a little closet, so during the off season I store away whatever shoes and clothes I am not putting into use. I like using the flat, long storage containers that fit nicely under my bed.

That way, I can wash and fold everything neatly in the containers, and whenever spring rolls around, they’ll be ready to wear again. Although you may not be ready to kiss summertime a sad goodbye, you can always look towards the fabulous fashion that fall brings.

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