Fashion Forward: Fit to Flatter

By Kristian Buckner | Jun 18, 2014

Working at a department store I have gained a greater appreciation and respect for the fact that a plethora of different body types exist.

While the media may tell us that there is one type of beauty, I’ve come to realize that everyone is beautiful in their own way. Working in this type of job, I’ve also learned that not many women realize that they are beautiful, which often translates to them not knowing how to dress in a way that will flatter their figures, and allow them to see that beauty does exist for them.

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is when I dress a young lady, and she looks at herself in the mirror, and she has that moment of, “Oh my God, I didn’t know I could look this good.” That moment right there is the moment that I feel every woman should have every morning when they look at themselves in the mirror.

Clothes don’t have to be things that you dismissively put on your body and forget about; clothes can give you the confidence to realize who you are, make you feel beautiful, and dressed the right way, a woman can conquer the world. So here are some tips for the ladies out there looking to dress for their bodies.

Try it on — On your journey to figure out what flatters you, one of the most important things to keep in mind when you go shopping is that clothing brands don’t make their product with just one unique body type in mind, they make their clothes to fit a whole group of people.

Their goal is to sell as much of their product as possible, therefore the sizing often can be way off. For example, a medium usually fits someone between a size 4 and 6, but sometimes a medium is also an 8, or is cut like a 2. You can’t just go into a store and be convinced that you are a medium because the medium fit you in another store.

Which brings me to the simple fact that trying on things is a must. Though the item may look good on the hanger or the mannequin, by no means does that mean it will look good on you. Try it on first. If you don’t love it in the store, or it doesn’t fit you in the fitting room, you’re not going to wear it anywhere else.

Finding the right fit — Speaking of fit, fit is the most significant part of clothing. There could be a dress that is the cutest dress you’ve ever seen in your life, but if it doesn’t fit you, it’s not going to look cute on you. Remember, you can always get pants hemmed or a dress altered. But if the basic shape isn’t one that is attractive on you, it’s not going to be something that can be fixed by a seamstress.

Last but definitely not least, keep in mind that not every style may look good on you, and that’s OK. “Just because they have your size, doesn’t mean you should get it,” is the suggestion given to me by my manager.

Although drop waist dresses for example are an adorable nod to the jazz age, brought back to style by the popularity of "The Great Gatsby" movie, because I’m petite in stature and I am curvy, that type of dress would make me look shorter than I am, and quite frumpy.

On the other hand, for taller girls who are slim, that type of dress can be adorable. This goes for most styles. Some things that may look good on some girls, may not look good on others.

Clothes can be extensions of your personality, and a fabulous way to express yourself. If you dress in clothing that fits you correctly and is formed to flatter, you may find yourself less fearful of the mirror, and more confident to take on the day.