Fashion Forward: The Dressing Dilemma

By Kristian Buckner | Jul 02, 2014

I’m standing with my arms impatiently crossed as I stare into the open doors of my closet.

The words, “I have nothing to wear,” repeatedly cross my lips; and I only have 20 more minutes before I have to leave for work. It’s not that I don’t have any clothes, it’s just that I don’t have the proper clothes to fit who I am that day. (Or, they seemed to have disappeared in the deep depths of my closet.)

See, what I wear every day highly depends on my mood. Whether I want to look bohemian or punk is decided somewhere between the minutes of brushing my teeth and standing in front of the closet, wondering where all the cute clothes I thought I had went to.

The ensuing panic, or even a dread, to get dressed in the morning seems to be a common occurrence amongst my fellow females. We end up wasting our precious time in the morning and starting the day off vexed all because we want to look our best. But what if your best was lagging that morning? Do you give up and settle for something ho-hum?

If this is totally you, here are a few things I do to beat the clothing crisis:

Plan Ahead — My first suggestion is the obvious, plan ahead. When I was a kid my mom had me go pick out the outfit I would wear to school the night before. That way, when I woke up there wouldn’t be anything to worry about. If you think of an ensemble the night before that would fit whatever you’re going to be doing the next day, go ahead and lay it out on a chair or the counter. It’ll save you panic and time in the morning.

Wake up earlier — If that doesn’t work, the other obvious suggestion is to wake up earlier than usual. If you know that you’ll be in front of your clothing for 30 minutes, wake up at least 30 minutes early so that you’ll have time to do everything else. If you have more time to get ready, you’ll be more relaxed. People who are relaxed and take time to get ready in the morning are usually happier people.

Staples — For those of you that are like me, and often wake up with little time to get ready, create in your wardrobe basic staple pieces that you can wear often. For me my staples are, a pair of pants that work with everything and are appropriate for my job, a black blazer, a simple, comfortable dress, black loafers, a pink scarf, and a statement necklace.

I have a plethora of interchangeable other clothing, but those are the pieces that I wear the most, and usually wear every week. If I haven’t put something creative together by the last minute, these are the items I throw on that are simple, yet stylish. One of the best items on that list is my blazer.

Since it’s black, it matches nearly everything. It’s a soft, movable material, so it’s really comfortable to wear, and since I work in a place where I have to look put together, a blazer over any dress, or even just a t-shirt and jeans really creates an easy, chic look.

Accessorize — Accessories are also great outfit makers. A pretty scarf or a statement necklace can really go a long way. Staple pieces of clothing and jewelry are great because they are just as easy to put on as the yoga pants and tank top you’re tempted to wear to the grocery store, yet they make you look like you took a lot of time to get ready.

If all else fails, and you haven’t prepared yourself ahead of time, and where are  your “staple pieces” anyway?, never fear, Pinterest is here! It may seem silly, but really Pinterest is a great place to look for ideas. Often when I’m in panic mode, drinking my coffee, I’ll take a deep breath and glance at pinterest.

Pinterest really is the mecca of creativity, and is a great way to get inspired. Just type in the search bar what look you’re going for that day, whether it be business casual, preppy, or anything else. It’ll come up with everything that relates to that, and hopefully help you put together something great.

Whether you are a planner and find your outfit the night before, or you’re last minute pinning, getting dressed in the morning shouldn’t be a stressful event. It doesn’t take much more than creativity and a few staple pieces to put together a great outfit.

And remember, it takes just as long to put on a nice dress, or a pretty pant and shirt, as it does to put on a pair of sweats. You deserve to look and feel your best every day, don’t settle for less.

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