Fathers can teach their children valuable lessons

Jun 13, 2013

My dad died two years ago. At the time, I was a little bitter with him about things I felt he should have done during his lifetime.

I wonder if others feel the same way, when a parent dies, feeling cheated by time and forever losing the chance to complete the bucket list you’ve created of things to do with them.

Although my father wasn’t perfect, I guess most fathers aren’t. Here is a partial list of things my father put in a bucket for me.

He took me to church as a child, introducing me to the one perfect Father and assuring from the beginning I had the Holy Spirit in my heart and Christian principles in my life to fall back on.

He taught me the importance of doing for others. I didn’t realize how much he did until, when attending his funeral, I met the many people who had bartered with chickens, produce and other items for legal service from him when they couldn’t afford it.

He sent me off to boarding school when I began hanging out with the wrong crowd and getting into trouble. As a parent now I know how hard that would be.

He sent me on trips as a child, introducing me to a world much bigger and more fascinating than I would have experienced in my hometown.

He encouraged me to go to college and pursue education that would broaden my desires beyond anything I could dream.

By aligning himself with successful people he showed me that relationships are the key to becoming successful.

As the town attorney he directed policies to shape and improve his community and instilled in me the importance of becoming a leader in mine.

As veteran of the Navy he modeled the importance for us to defend our country and our freedoms.

He established our family habit of sitting around the dinner table where hours of unrestricted conversation lead to many topics being discussed and lessons learned.

He taught me to work hard, beginning with mowing the lawn, which became my responsibility. At age 12 when I got my worker’s permit, he would find me a summer job if I didn’t find one for myself.

My dad was a very humble man, never flashy or boastful, and lived life as if every day counted. He knew when and how to have fun, and he did, right to the end.

He may not have been perfect, but his list provided me a good foundation.

Thanks Dad.

Happy Father’s Day.