Feb. 26 reader letters

Feb 25, 2014

Foundation should consider free clinic

To the editor:

The Haywood Regional Hospital Foundation need look no further than The Good Samaritan Clinic.

This would be a lifesaver for our wonderful yet financially strapped clinic. Dr. Gruner, Nurse Flo and a dedicated staff work so hard to help so many. Haywood County has many residents like myself who have no insurance and little money to get by on.

We depend on this small clinic for the critical medical services that they can provide. Just imagine what funding from H.R.H.F. could do, like hiring another much needed doctor to help Dr. Gruner, this woman is a true angel! It is my opinion, along with many others, that this is the obvious choice for the foundation to turn their focus to. The need is so great, let’s get this ball rolling.

Mylan Sessions


A sad farewell

To the  editor:

I really do not want to write this letter because it means I am leaving Waynesville to live in Louisville, Kentucky. I don’t wanna go!

My medical folks and my kids want me near them.  (I persist in activities improper for an 80 year old.) It has been a terrific eight years.

My mom, the indomitable Domi, passed away in August, eight days short of 99.  We fell in love with Haywood County and its people.  Everyone we met was so great.  Our beloved church, 1st Methodist, the many business folk, the nice restaurants  — and Folkmoot.  What really wonderful people and what a special life it made for us. Thank you.

Continue to be special, Waynesville. God Bless you all. I don’t wanna go!

Pat Poole


Empty Bowl event is Saturday

To the editor

It is hard to believe that it will be 12 years next month (March), since I was privileged to become the Director of The Open Door.

The first week I was serving in this capacity, we had the First Annual Empty Bowl Dinner at The Open Door at 32 Commerce St. in Waynesville.

Though this year’s event will be this Saturday, March 2nd, from 3 to 7 p.m., our inaugural event was on a weeknight from 7 to 9 p.m.

When I approached The Open Door that evening, I could not believe my eyes as I saw a stream of people beginning at least 10 yards on Depot Street winding onto Commerce Street, ending at The Open Door Entrance.  It was unbelievable that such a large gathering was patiently waiting in line to support The Empty Bowl Dinner.

As we approach the Twelfth Annual Empty Bowl Dinner this Saturday, perhaps we have gotten a little wiser in planning the event by allowing four hours rather than two to avoid the long lines.  Some things remain the same however.

Area potters use their artistic abilities to make bowls and donate them to The Open Door for this special event, the passion of the people in Haywood County who continue to come out year after year to buy a meal so that others in need may have a meal, and finally, a growing population in our county who need a helping hand to navigate the troubled landscape of this difficult economic climate.

Many thanks to a wonderful community.

Perry Hines

The Open Door Director


Thanks, Mary

To the editor:

Hats off to Mary Becker. We all owe her a salute. She was neither a veteran nor a public servant, but she was a Haywood County gleaner. Many times she worked in the fields gleaning cucumbers and tomatoes, green peppers and corn.

Those of you who received produce from her gleaning efforts owe her a salute, and the rest of us who received inspiration from her humble efforts and charitable work, also owe her recognition for being part of Haywood Gleaners. May you rest in peace, Mary.

Haywood Gleaners

Jim Geenan


Story was biased

To the editor:

I am disturbed about a Mountaineer article in the Friday, Feb 14 paper.  The article was “Haywood residents join historic Raleigh march.”  The first paragraph of this article contains the words,”...because of their concern about the radical regressive turn North Carolina has taken since 2012.”

Are you allowing this author to report this kind of language as fact?  It seems to me that the article is highly political and her assessments of what is going on in Raleigh should be labeled as opinion or should have been in quotes.

I would appreciate a response.

Hughes Roberts


(Editor’s response: The story was written by an individual who attended the march and the statement made near the beginning of the story was supported by statements from individuals quoted in the story.)


Not your mama’s soup kitchen

The phrase “soup kitchen” brings to mind various images: Oliver Twist’s orphan asking for more; Russian peasants standing in line for a potato; Americans waiting in block long lines during the 1930’s; African children holding up bowls to get a little rice for the family; Haitians and Indonesians surviving a disaster waiting for relief efforts to provide a meal. None of those are pleasant images yet they are all examples of “soup kitchens.”

We frequently hear the phrase here in Haywood County, the “soup kitchen in Frog Level.” Well, there is a place in Frog Level called The Open Door but it is so much more than a “soup kitchen.” The Open Door is a feeding center for many individuals but, like your home table, it is a place for family to gather. Like your family, each person is unique yet, like your family, they care for and look after one another.

Where else here in Haywood County could you find a place that has accomplished all of the following: served over 35,600 free meals; given out over 1500 family food boxes; given over $25,800 of family financial assistance; provided thousands of free laundry services and showers; given free clothing to the needy on a daily basis; and ministered to the emotional and spiritual needs to hundreds of people. All of this just in the past twelve months.

Yes, we may think of The Open Door as a soup kitchen, but it is so, so much more. Why not come Saturday, March 1st to The Open Door and see this unique one of a kind place. Come visit our family and eat at our table. Pick up a hand crafted pottery bowl from a local craftsman, have your bowl filled with a variety of tasty soups and enjoy meeting some special people. You will likely discover as your bowl is filled, so will your heart be filled.

Jesse Patmore