Film and TV at the Haywood County Tourism Office

Jan 01, 2014

The Haywood County Tourism Development Authority has officially revived the Haywood County Film Commission.

Becky Seymour, Video Marketing Manager of the Haywood TDA, is committed to draw more TV and Film Production to Haywood County.  The Haywood County TDA is currently working with Advantage West in Asheville, and supplies information on Haywood County when presented with Location requests for TV and Film.

Since 2010, the NC Film Tax Incentive has fueled three strong years for Film and TV in the state.  (Production companies that spend at least $250,000 in North Carolina are eligible to receive a refundable tax credit of 25 percent of in-state spending for labor, goods and services. 

In 2013 North Carolina as a whole had 5,700 production days, $254 million in spending and 25,000 job opportunities.  

Productions made here in Haywood County are "Hillbilly Blood," "What's in the Barn," "American Pickers" and "Motorhead Traveler."
There are three main libraries of information that a Production Company for TV and Film commonly request.  The three options are listed below.  Please choose whichever categories are applicable to you.


Locations: Most Film and TV companies need a prime location to shoot their production.  These locations can range anywhere from a Farm to a Banquet Hall.  They can also be as specific as a 1920’s House to a Dilapidated Used Car Lot.  Basically, anywhere can be useful as a location as long as the property/business owners are willing to accommodate the crew and their needs.  During these productions, crew can work odd hours and need complete cooperation of the property owner in order for the production to run smoothly.  Examples of locations already listed for Haywood County are - Boyd Mountain Log Cabins, Camp Hope in Canton and the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. 


Support Services: Support Services are needed on every Film/TV production in the world.  Examples of this are the following:  Caterers, Environmental Services, Accounting, Cleaning Services and Hair & Makeup.  Accommodations are very valuable for Film/TV production.  Cast and Crew always need a place to stay when filming in the county.  All Accommodations are encouraged to participate!!  This listing will let the production company know that your professional services are available for them locally.  Examples of Support Services already listed for Haywood County are - JM Teague Engineering, LLC, and Grouch’s Military Surplus. 

3)   CREW

Crew Services: Being part of a TV/Film Crew can be quite the experience.  Most production companies like to hire local crews to work because of the economical benefits it provides for them through the North Carolina State Film Incentives.  Examples of this are the following:  Production Assistant, Graphic Artist, Jib Operator, Dialect Coach, Still Photographer, Choreographer, Electrician and Painter.  This listing will not only create jobs within Haywood County, it will contribute to the local economy through payroll and the purchase of goods and services.  Examples of Crew Services already listed for Haywood County are - Camera, Producer and Production Assistant.  

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