Final general management plan available for Parkway

Jan 15, 2013
The Final General Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement for the Blue Ridge Parkway is now available.
This is a culmination of a great deal of time, energy, and input from members of the public, other agencies, and the National Park Service.
This final general management plan provides comprehensive guidance for perpetuating natural systems, preserving cultural resources, and providing opportunities for high-quality visitor experiences along the parkway for the next 20-plus years. After more than 75 years since the parkway was established, this is the parkway’s first comprehensive management plan.
The final general management plan / environmental impact statement is now available on the National Park Service website at
A limited number of paper copies are available; however, the document is more than 700 pages long. For your convenience a limited number of CDs are also available upon request by contacting the parkway at the physical address or phone number below.
Blue Ridge Parkway
Attn: GMP Team | 199 Hemphill Knob Road Asheville, NC 28803-8686 | 828-348-3440