First Presbyterian Church is getting a makeover

By Hughes Roberts | Apr 27, 2014
Photo by: Hughes Roberts CHURCH MAKEOVER — First Presbyterian Church of Waynesville is getting a head-to-toe makeover.

In 1907, some 107 years ago, the way to put in a foundation for the new sanctuary of First Presbyterian Church in Waynesville was to dig a foundation ditch and lay a course of brick down in the ditch.  Concrete footings were not used in those days and the technology for making high-quality brick was not then what it is now.  Those facts may help to explain why the leaders of First Presbyterian have been noticing cracks in the sanctuary plaster in recent months.  Structural engineers hired by the church have suggested that it’s time to do some reinforcing of the foundation.  The construction, which is evident to anyone driving by the church on the corner of Main and Walnut streets, is designed to provide that reinforcement.

Not content to address needs of the sanctuary in a piecemeal way, the congregation has voted to address other needs in 2014.  The distinctive orange roof tiles on the sanctuary will be replaced with new orange tiles and leaks will be repaired in the roof decking when tile is received from the manufacturer. No one can remember when this roof was last replaced. New roof tile will have a 75-year warranty; so current members don’t plan to deal with roof replacement again.

New bathrooms will be completed on the sanctuary level and the basement meeting room level in conjunction with inside work to reinforcing the foundation.  A 40-year old heating and air conditioning system is being replaced to provide more effective and efficient heating and cooling.  Outside brick repair, inside plaster repairs and acoustic improvement in the fellowship hall round out the renovation project.

John Lindsay, pastor of First Presbyterian, is proud of his congregation’s unanimous vote to complete this renovation.

“This work is in support of our mission to help people to have an extraordinary life in Jesus Christ by living the love of God,” said Lindsay. “Our recently developed vision for our ministry includes a provision to continue to provide a beautiful sanctuary for those who want to worship in the traditional way. This renovation will give outstanding support to that vision.”

Clark and Leatherwood Contractors of Waynesville is providing construction management and United Community Bank of Waynesville is providing financing.

Hughes Roberts is a member of First Presbyterian Church.

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