Five feel-good things to do this week

By Fay Grant | Apr 30, 2014

1)    Be happy with yourself. Sometimes it’s hard to look past our imperfections and focus on the good things we have to offer. This week, instead of counting sheep at bedtime, try counting the things you love about yourself. You’ll notice that focusing on the good will help you relax and drift into a better state of being. Remember, no one is perfect.

2)    Try and let the season guide your diet. Fresh, locally harvested foods have their whole flavor and nutrients in tact, making them healthier (and much more tasty) for you. Shopping at your local farmers market is a great way to eat fresh while supporting the community. Check out the WNC Farmers Market(open seven days a week all year-round) in Asheville and Haywood County’s Historic Farmers Market (kicked off last Saturday, April 26) in Waynesville. They’re both packed full of delicious local foods for unbeatable prices.

3)    Make someone laugh. The health benefits of laughter are astounding and the best part is that it’s highly contagious. Not only does laughter lower your stress level and strengthen your immune system, it can inspire those around you to relax and take life a little less seriously. It’s easy to do and free…so get out there and infect someone with happiness.

4)    Get pampered. Try the Rejuvenation Program at Prama Wellness Center in Marshall — a great way to improve your health and overall wellbeing. This 1-day detoxification program includes use of their cedar sauna, fresh organic juices, a mudpack treatment, a massage session (additional charge) and yoga/meditation sessions. The best part of the package is the access to their 120 acres of property, which include an abundance of trails through forest and farmland. Do yourself a favor and take the time to stop and relax on the banks of the river or meditate at the edge of a beautiful cliff. You’re guaranteed to leave the program feeling balanced and revitalized.

5)    Step outside. Nowadays it’s so easy to hop on the treadmill (or the couch) after a long day of work - but getting outside for as little as 15 minutes can make a huge impact on reducing your stress level and improving your mood. Find a little time this week to step outside, take a deep breath and enjoy spring while it’s in full bloom. I love to take a relaxing stroll (while enjoying the breathtaking mountain views) on the Lake Junaluska Walking Trail inWaynesville — a 2.6 mile serene walking trail that surrounds the entire lake.