Flag loophole

Confederate flag controversy takes another turn
By Caroline Klapper | Dec 03, 2012
Photo by: Caroline Klapper Doug Knight, left, talks with John Meyers, in front of the Confederate Memorial Friday.

On Friday morning, the Confederate Monument in front of the Historic Courthouse in Waynesville once again displayed the Confederate flag — or a version of it — despite an interim county policy banning all such displays on Haywood County property.

The battle over the display of Confederate flags at the monument began during the summer when complaints reached the county commissioners asking them to remove the small Confederate flags that were placed there. Since then, the county established an interim policy on Aug. 20 banning all unofficial displays from county property until a public display policy could be established.

However, supporters of the Confederate flag display might have found a loophole in the interim policy that allows for the display “official government flags,” including state flags, based on N.C. General Statute 144-7(c) (4).

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