FOL wins Kiwanis Spelling Bee

Apr 17, 2014
Photo by: Donated FIRST PLACE SPELLERS — The Friends of the Library won first place at the second annual Kiwanis Spelling Bee. Pictured from left are Kiwanis President John Franco, Winners Lynda Self, Diane Tomlin and Nancy Mazzarella, and word pronouncer Rex Hodge from WLOS.

With the room filled to capacity and the instructions given to the spellcheckers and spellers, Rex Hodge, from WLOS, gave out the first word, “misspell,” to the 42 teams vying for the Kiwanis Community Spelling Bee trophy.

The first 12 words in the first round were mostly easy and there was a “buzz” around the room as the spellers worked together in teams to spell the words.  In the second round, the words became a little more difficult but there were still a lot of high-fives as the majority of the teams made it through round two.  If they misspelled a word, they could buy it back for a nominal fee and continue in the round.

Several teams made it to round three and the competition started getting fierce as teams vied for the trophy.  As teams misspelled words and dropped out of the contest, the “Kiwanis Bee” was on alert and popped their balloons letting everyone know they were going home.

The remaining teams went into the tiebreaker round and the contest was down to the final teams.  Blue Mountain Chiropractic Center had put up a good fight but misspelled the final word, “hippocras,” a spice wine sweetened with sugar or honey, perhaps the original of the modern liqueur.   The audience roared with applause when Rex Hodge announced that Friends of the Library had won.

Many of the $9,000 donated to this event will soon be given to the Kiwanis Unrestricted Grants Program to improve the lives of children in Haywood County.  This year the grant committee has received 27 deserving applications and will be announcing the winners in a couple of weeks.

Thanks to everyone that attended, participated and sponsored the second annual Kiwanis Spelling Bee and helped to make it such a huge success.