Folkmoot performers adjust to WNC

By Stina Sieg | Jul 25, 2012
Photo by: Stina Sieg

After a few evenings at the Folkmoot Friendship Center, you come to know what to expect. There are always people lounging, cell phone or computer in hand, on the former school’s steps and usually a handful of performers swaddled in towels walking back from the showers. In their rooms, people are getting their hair cut or painting their toenails or stealing a few minutes to read.

For the most part, everyone looks at home. It’s hard to believe that most of them have only been here about a week — and are still adjusting to this rural slice of a country many have never seen.

As French musician Ugo Bukudjian explained Monday night, “Everything is new here.”

“I love it,” he said, describing why he likes Folkmoot and cultural festivals in general. “Discovering new people, new cultures, new places — and I get to speak English.”

When asked to name the most surprising aspect of this country, he didn’t need to think long. The flip-flop-wearing 21-year-old, who plays a type of flute called a fife in La Poulido de Gemo, smiled again, with honest surprise on his face.

“The size of everything, everything is super-sized,” he said. “The food and everything is oversized.”

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