'Food Roundup' collects food for children's homes

May 30, 2014
Photo by: Donated FOOD ROUNDUP — The Royal Ambassadors and Girls in Action collected 35 boxes of saltine crackers for the Food Roundup challenge. Back row, from left, are Trent Devlin, Jake Scott, Alex Boone, Devon Dodgins and Kaylee Grooms; middle row, from left, are Macey Devlin, Whitney Boone, Sam Decker, Tanner Devlin and Colon Decker; front row, from left, are Anna Grace Phillips, Haylee Leake, Zane Burcham, Eli Chambers and Micah Devlin.

During the month of April, Baptist Children's Homes across North Carolina sponsored the annual Food Roundup, a challenge to N.C. Baptist churches to donate food items and supplies to children's homes across the state.

The Royal Ambassadors (RA) and Girls in Action (GA) mission groups led the Food Roundup at Clyde First Baptist Church. The children, ages 6-11, challenged church members to donate a box of saltine crackers to the Food Roundup. Thirty-five boxes of crackers were donated.

The RAs and GAs also visited a cottage at Broyhill Children’s Home in Clyde. They met children their age who are residents of Broyhill, took a tour of the cottage, and learned what it was like to live at a children’s home.