Fourth-graders enjoy the fair

By Richard Ploch | Aug 25, 2014
Photo by: Richard Ploch Armand Basulto milks a cow.

All of the fourth grade students in Haywood County were filled with excitement on Friday, Aug. 22, when they traveled to the Haywood County Fair.

Each child had a chance to milk a cow — a highlight of the trip — and a few teachers gave it a squirt as well.

They also saw a display of woodcarving and talk to the artists, looked at displays of crafts and learn about spinning of wool, were taught about beekeeping and the importance of bees.

“If we didn’t have bees, we wouldn’t have honey, wax for candles, flowers, and dyes for different things,” said Bethel student Naomi Goodwin.

The students then talked with members of the Waynesville Police Department and watched a K-9 demonstration.

“They serve our community,” said Hunter Jordan.

“So that our towns are safe,” added Emma Wright.

Members of the Haywood Community College Timber Sports Team showed competitive ax chopping of a log by Phillip Blalock. And finally, a cowboy performed lasso tricks and cracked a huge whip to much excitement from the children.