Free diabetic foot care seminar July 18

Jul 14, 2014

Mountaineer Complete Care will host a free presentation on diabetic foot problems and solutions at 10 a.m. Friday, July 18, at the Waynesville Recreation Center. The presentation will include a discussion of using proper diabetic footwear and the benefits of hosiery therapy and how it can allow diabetics to live an independent life.

Understanding how diabetes affects feet is crucial in managing all diabetic foot problems. Doing a daily inspection of the feet can help prevent serious problems in the long run. Foot care programs can help reduce diabetic amputations up to 85 percent.

Compression stockings are used to help prevent and manage edema. These garments are made of elastic fabric and are generally the tightest around the ankle. Compression stockings work by applying pressure to the leg muscles and vein walls and helps move fluid away from the ankles, generates improved blood flow and helps with leg pain.

For more information, call the Waynesville Parks and Recreation Department at 456-2030 or email