Free kittens this time of year are not really 'free'

By Linda Sexton | Jun 30, 2013
Photo by: Linda Sexton Mom cat from Haywood County Animal Shelter just after delivery.

If you are thinking of adding a kitten to your family this year, and you are motivated to do it now because you see "free kittens to loving homes" please think again before you make one of these kittens yours.  A "free kitten" still will cost you at least $100 if you give it the required vaccine for a pet which is Rabies.  If you just want a free kitten and don't intend to get it "fixed" or get the necessary vaccinations to keep it well, please do yourself and the community a favor and don't get a kitten.  The person "giving" you this free kitten did not do what should have been done for their cat (spay) or they wouldn't have had "free kittens".  An easy solution for adding a kitten to your family is to go to one of the local rescue groups and adopt a kitten.  It won't cost you as much as a free kitten.  These kittens have been fully vetted, vaccinated with age appropriate vaccinations, and most come with a voucher from the Haywood County Animal Shelter for a free Rabies vaccine (paid for by Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation, Inc. for when your kitten is old enough to receive it.)  You get a kitten who is healthy and ready to be your family pet for years to come.  These kittens have been brought to the animal shelter and have been taken from the shelter by Sarge's.  The volunteers who foster these kittens and usually their momma cats, have put in countless hours of care for these felines.  They sadly let these little ones go, having loved them, to go to their loving forever homes.  So please, adopt from a shelter or rescue group.  Don't go for the free kitten.  You will save money and more lives by doing so.  And if you know someone who has a cat who is not "fixed" have them contact Haywood Spay Neuter and make an appointment for the cat.  If it is not "their" cat, HSN can help them trap it and then get it fixed.  The excuses I hear are many, but the solution to cat euthanasia is really pretty easy.  You can do it.