Free Tea Tasting

By Blue Ridge Books | Apr 30, 2013

Join us Sunday, May 19th at 2:00pm for an absolutely free tea tasting at Blue Ridge Books!

We'll be exploring the five new teas at Blue Ridge Books! Whether you're new or a veteran drinker there is something here for everyone.

The five teas include....

Ancient Emerald Lily Green Tea - A beautiful plain Green Tea from China in the most traditional sense. It's floral, smooth, and a beautiful tea in the summer heat or winter chill! If you’re never had a good Chinese Green tea this tea will surprise you.

Golden Assam Black Tea - A plain Indian Black Tea, known across the world for its bold infusion and slightly sweet after taste.  Black Tea lovers will find this to be the treat of the tasting!

Pu-Erh Blood Orange - Pu-Erh tea is often described to be the champagne of tea. It's one of the most prized teas in the world for its body and strong taste. Thanks to that body it's also an excellent tea to blend with. Our Vanilla Mint Pu-Erh is a very popular tea already and joining it is the amazing flavor of Blood Oranges and Pu-Erh.

Chocolate Chai - Here's a dessert in a cup! It's a complex blend with Yerba Mate, Pu-Erh tea, cacao, vanilla, coconut, and more! It's truly an amazing blend that shows the mastery of our tea supplier.  It's a lot of different notes and taste combining to make one of the most satisfying tea blends we have!

Jamaican Rooibos - Rooibos is popular across the world for being a caffeine free alternative to coffee and tea. It's naturally full bodied and has a nice sweet after taste.  In celebration of the spring and the summer to come we've chosen Jamaican Rooibos. A fruity blend that is a bit reminiscent of a great fruit punch.  Its perfect hot or iced!

This will be a casual event and people are free to join and leave as they please! So whether you just want to try some Chocolate Chai or want to stay from start to finish we want you to experience our amazing tea!   We'll also be answering any questions you have on tea brewing and the world of loose leaf tea. 

We hope to see you there,

Blue Ridge Books


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