Fun in the snow during the 'Great Snow-pacalypse'

How our readers spent the day Thursday, Feb. 13
By Rachel Robles, Lifestyles Editor | Feb 19, 2014
Photo by: Cindy Fulgate SNOW DAY — Paige Fulgate plays in her snow fort in Waynesville.

We wanted to know what our readers were up to during the "great snow-pacalypse" Thursday, Feb. 13.

Paige Fugate and her father, Larry Fugate, emptied out all of Cindy Fulgate’s small totes, packed them with snow and dumped them out to make a snow fort. Paige’s snow fort contained over 172 blocks of snow.

Ashlyn Paige Shipman, daughter of David and Melissa Shipman, enjoyed her first snow in Henson Cove.

Josh and Juliet Williams, of Clyde, participated in a lively snowball fight.

Missy Du Bois sculpted “Old Man Winter” with her hands and a wooden spoon at her home at the top of Hemphill Mountain in Waynesville. She started to make the base of a snowman, but saw Old Man Winter’s face instead. She left his mouth open to catch more snowflakes.

Dalton Greyson Pressley passed the time with one of his favorite activities — swinging on the swing set in the Hyatt Creek area.

Austin Thompson went snow kayaking at his home on Dutch Cove.

Aidan Campbell went sledding on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Maggie Valley.

Bethany Snyder, of Waynesville, and her dog, Princess, enjoyed playing a game of fetch in the snow.

Angelica Riddle ran around in the snow at her home in Waynesville.

Doug and Shannon Hanson shoveled and swept out their driveway in Clyde.

Thank you to our readers who sent in pictures and stories.