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Fun times to the rescue — Sarge’s Furry Friends Benefit Bash — Oct. 3

By Paul Viau | Sep 20, 2013
Photo by: File photo PARTY FOR FURRY FRIENDS — Join pet lovers and other party animals, and help homeless pets in Haywood County. Attend Sarge's Furry Friends Benefit Bash, Oct. 3, at Laurel Ridge Country Club.

If you are a reader of my column (and I know you are) you are aware that I am, and hope always to be, a fun-loving person. I enjoy musical concerts, beer festivals, a good round of golf, riding on the Blue Ridge Parkway, sitting on the deck with friends, hiking with my wife and enjoying a nice meal.

Things I don’t much like include lectures (of any kind), meetings and most fundraisers — I prefer the precious few that realize that they will be more successful when they emphasize the “fun” in fundraising.

Events that put the “fun” before passing the hat include Waynesville’s QuickDraw (which is far safer than Ghost Town’s quick draw), Taste of Chocolate (which is one “sweet” event) and Sarge’s Annual Furry Friends Benefit Bash.

You know promoters of a fundraiser have their “fun” priorities in place when they use the term “bash” in the name.

Did you know? The word bash, unabashedly stands for a good time, when (1) it’s at a good venue, (2) you are surrounded by fun people of like interests and (3) everyone is either dog-gone good looking and/or dressed like the cat’s meow.

Sarge’s Furry Friends Benefit Bash is always a winner in all three categories, and this year is no exception.

The Fifth Annual Furry Friends Benefit Bash will be held Oct. 3 at Laurel Ridge Country Club. People attending will be pet owners, animal lovers, and friends of SARF (Sarge’s Animal Rescue Foundation). As for dress, it’s not optional, but you are certainly welcome to dress as comfortably as your conscience (or your spouse) will allow.

I’m fairly sure that no one will be wearing fur coats, but I am willing to bet — you will find pet hair on much of the clothing. But I digress.

Sarge’s Furry Friends Benefit Bash is scheduled for 6 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 3, and will begin with an hour or so of “mingling” with a cash bar and light (here comes my biggest spelling challenge so far) hors d’oeuvres.

During this time you will be free to engage in pet-friendly conversation and participate in a variety of silent auctions — everything from pet purveyances  to dinners, golf outings, etc. You can also register for the after-dinner live auction that ups the ante with vacation packages, special dinners, fine art and art workshops.

When the time is right, you will enjoy a sit-down dinner with choice of four entrees — not the usual beef, chicken or fish — but Laurel Ridge chef’s special prime rib, chicken Marsala, succulent salmon or a vegetarian entrée.

Sarge’s Annual Furry Friends Bash is fun and entertaining event. Tickets are $50 per person, but all proceeds from “The Bash” directly benefit Sarge’s efforts to save homeless animals in Haywood County.

By the way, Sarge’s set a new monthly record for adoptions in August — saving the lives of 86 cats and dogs and placing them into good homes.

Sarge’s is indeed doing a wonderful job, but there is so much more to do.

That’s why my wife and I will both be “Dashing and Bashing” Oct. 3.

For tickets to Sarge’s Annual Furry Friends Bash, visit Sarge’s Adoption Center, 256 Industrial Park Dr., in Waynesville. Table sponsorships are available for $450, for eight guests. You can also make a reservation by calling 246-9050, or download a reservation form at www.sargeandfriends.org/docs/furryfriends.pdf.