Gary Carden’s Appalachian Bestiary

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City Lights Bookstore
3 East Jackson St., Sylva
City Lights Bookstore
Sep 01, 2013
1:30 PM

City Lights Bookstore will celebrate the release of Gary Carden’s new book "Appalachian Bestiary" at 1:30 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 1.

His book features, as Carden puts it, “wondrous creatures that run the gamut from whimsy to spine-tingling terror. The weeping squont and the pongereen bird that suffers from Montezuma's revenge; the legendary beasts of the Cherokees such as the Uktena; and the terrifying products of mass paranoia like the supernatural 'painters' and the 'vampire beast of Bladenboro.' All are drawn from the same deep well — the oral tradition of the southern mountains. The combinations of hair, fin and feather are new — but many of these creatures have ancient eyes.”

Carden is a storyteller, playwright, author and artist. He has written numerous plays including the recent Outlander which tells the story of Horace Kephart. His short story collection "Mason Jars in the Flood & Other Stories" is a staff favorite at City Lights. Gary will be joined by the illustrator, Mandy Newham-Cobb, who is riding the train down from Philadelphia to be on hand for this special release party. Mark your calendars as this will probably be the one chance to get a copy signed by both collaborators.

To reserve any of Carden's books or videos, call City Lights Bookstore at 586-9499.