Gary Carden’s Foxfire Christmas at City Lights Bookstore

Arts & Entertainment
City Lights Bookstore
3 E. Jackson St., Sylva
City Lights Bookstore
Dec 12, 2013
6:00 PM

Join City Lights Bookstore at 6 p.m. Friday, Dec. 20 as Gary Carden offers up Appalachian Christmas tales at City Lights Bookstore. Carden will talk about old rituals still practiced and some of his own childhood memories of Christmas in the mountains, including some of the leaner years during WWII when rationing was at its peak. He will also talk about some of the stories featured in Eliot Wiggington’s Foxfire Christmas.

Carden is an award-winning Appalachian author, playwright and folklorist. He has written several books, including the recent "Appalachian Bestiary," which details some of the creatures featured in Appalachian lore.

For more information or to reserve any of Carden’s books, call City Lights Bookstore at 586-9499.