Getting ready for school can be as fun as you make it

By Jeff Schumacher | Aug 09, 2012

As many parents can attest, getting ready for school can be a trying time. With the expense of the schools supplies; the lunch tickets; and other ancillary items, it can be a trying time for sure.

But, add in two teenage daughters, and the fun really begins. Now, anyone with daughters between the age of 11 and 18 know what I am talking about. These little tykes can really work their poor old dad.

It starts out innocently enough with comments like "I wonder what I'm going to wear to the first day of school." Followed up by things like, "I just don't have anything to wear."

Now all parents know that if a child feels good about the way they look, they will have a higher view of themselves. It's been studied (more than likely by teenage girls) and proven to be a fact. At least that's what I am told in my house.

After hearing this banter for a couple of weeks, I usually tell them that we can go get a couple of outfits, as long as we find a pretty good deal. That immediately sparks conversation about what constitutes a good deal, to which I respond, "We'll both know it when I see it."

But, as most dads with daughters will attest, it's not quite that easy.

After agreeing to get a couple outfits for the new school year, we head out to some local stores to "hunt" for the right style, color, length, width, yatta, aytta, yatta.

As my son and I sit through one wardrobe change after another, we are asked questions like, "does this make my shoulders look to big?" or, "Do you think I need a bigger size?" One would think that questions like those only happen when you get married, but believe me, they start early. My usual answer is "what does your mom think?" Ha. That will get rid of that problem, I think to myself. Until the answer comes back, "she told me to ask you."

But, I have found that my girls are used to me telling them the truth, especially when it comes to what they wear. If it's too tight, revealing or I just don't think it's appropriate, I have no problem speaking up. And, to their credit, they don't push back. Gotta love that!

So, after two straight days of searching for a couple of outfits for the upcoming school year, I finally get to relax and spend some quality time with my television.

As I was sitting on the couch watching the Olympics Tuesday evening, I heard my girls discussing the upcoming school day. "I just can't decide what to wear,"

I just smile and think to myself, "I bet there are countless dads in Haywood county listening to the exact conversation right now."

Gotta love teenage daughters.