Bethel students exchange 'gingerbread men'

Jan 13, 2017

During the month of December, Shannon Rock's class at Bethel Elementary School participated in a Gingerbread Man Exchange around the United States.

Each student created a gingerbread man and as a class they wrote a letter to tell about the community they live in and a few interesting facts about North Carolina.

Many students wanted to represent the area/state by creating a gingerbread man as an aviator, Pisgah cheerleader, football player or a farmer.

The class received gingerbread men from California, Texas, New York, Florida, Colorado, Wisconsin and other states. Not only did they learn a lot of interesting information about other classrooms, they also learned about different communities and states.

Locating the states on the map, the class loved to learn and discuss how similar and different the many other places were from this area. Every day, they were excited to see what new letter and gingerbread man would arrive in the mail.