Giving up chocolate and coke to stay fit...maybe?

By Jeff Schumacher | Jul 16, 2012

It's finally beginning to happen. The dreaded time in my life when I am truly going to have to try to keep pounds off. This is all new to me. I've never had to worry about my weight, nor have I ever felt like I would have to. After all, my dad is 74 and I bet he weighs the same as he did 30 years ago.

But, it doesn't seem to be working that way for me. Since my accident, I have obviously been limited to the types of activities I am able to partake in. For example, I used to walk as many holes of golf as I could in a week, or play basketball in what's known as the "old man's league." Now, after walking nine holes, I find my injured leg not responding very well the next day. I blame it on the accident, but the orthopedic folks say it's because I'm not getting enough exercise to build it back up.

So, when I first moved here, I made it a daily routine to get to the gym at least three times a week. In fact, I was so loyal, that I made it there almost everyday. Sad thing was, I just can't seem to enjoy walking on an elliptical machine, or running on a treadmill. I do, however, lift weights and do a lot of stretching for my shoulder, but that can be done at home.

About a month ago, I got back into the swing of things. I started to golf a bit more, and I think it may be helping. I know I should do more of it, but whatever you have heard about the newspaper business, one thing is for certain...there is never a loss for things to do. So, I end up not going golfing or going to the gym, but find myself lounging in front of the television.

I've tried to convince myself that I need to go back to the gym, but I'm afraid it's a fight I'm beginning to lose.

My children tell me I need to eat healthier, and I agree. My nutrition can mostly be found in chocolate and a coke. Probably not the best idea if I'm not going to be headed to the gym! And, I'm not too keen on giving up either one.

But, there is one saving grace in all of this. My wife, Michelle, showed me that my dress pants all have a seam in the back that can be let out some. Well, there you have it. Problem solved. I guess some lucky tailor is going to be seeing some business soon.

Oh, and as far as my dad. When I told him that I was gaining weight, and that it was such a pain to have to go to the gym to work it off, he politely told me, "well, you are at about the age when gaining weight starts to happen."

Thanks for the added encouragement, dad.

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