God's mirror

By Eddie Watson | Aug 22, 2014

"If not in you, I wonder where
They'll ever see the One that really cares
And if not in you, how will they find
The One who heals broken hearts and gives sight to the blind
You're the only Jesus some will ever see
You're the only words of life, some will ever read
Let them see in you, the One in whom is all they'll ever need
Cause you're the only Jesus, some will ever see."

— Gordon Jensen

The word Christian is so loosely used in the world today, and yes, even in the church. It has almost become a fad to go under the label of "Christian" in Hollywood, in the political realm, in sports, as well as in the everyday lives of people in general. Sometimes the label fits and sometimes, a lot of times, it really doesn't fit.

Growing up in the church like I have, I have heard it preached by many great preachers that we should take a look into God's mirror in order to see what God sees, and I do believe that we should. But I also believe that we should be a mirror for God to gaze into. If we were to become a mirror for God, when he looks into it, would he be able to smile because he sees his reflection or would he be saddened because all he sees is just the label?

The word “Christian” means to be a follower or one that patterns their lives after that of Christ's; it means to be Christ-like. Do we, who label ourselves Christian, take a daily inventory of our life or do we ever take an inventory at all?

Like the lyrics of the old gospel song asked, "If you were arrested for being a Christian, would there be enough evidence to convict you?" There are so many places in God's word where Christ left a list on how to measure up in order to be counted as righteous. There was the story of what we call "the Good Samaritan. "

Do we turn a blind eye and pretend not to see those who are hurting, like the Levite and the priest, or are we more like that Samaritan who the world looked at as to be lower than a dog and yet was the one that showed compassion?

When someone asks for bread, do we give him a stone or if he asked for a fish, do we give him a scorpion? When God looks at us, does he see us clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, loving the outcast and administering healing to the sick? Does he feel our wrath or our worth by how we treat our fellow man?

We are to be the mirror in which God looks into every day, and it should be our goal that when he does look into us, he is pleased by what he sees.

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