Good news on children's health

Mar 14, 2014

Recent studies show children in Haywood are making strides when it comes to improved fitness. There’s been a big push on fitness in recent years in light of national statistics showing one out of every three children in the U.S. is obese or overweight.

Haywood has taken the issue seriously and has been tracking trends for more than a decade through the county health department. A recent grant in the county school system required physical education teachers to gather data on fitness. The latest figures show the average time students who engaged in 60 minutes of daily physical activity increased from 10 percent to 56 percent in the second year of the grant.

Additionally, the number of students who achieved age-appropriate cardiovascular fitness levels was up to 51 percent from the base rate of 42 percent.

Even better news is the statistic showing that the number of students who consumed two fruits and three vegetables daily increased from 5 to 48 percent.

While the results are impressive now, they will be even more significant in future years when these students grow into healthier adults who statistically will have a longer life span.

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