GOP fight to remove Haywood chairman continues

By Vicki Hyatt | May 27, 2014
Pat Carr, left, is shown at an April meeting, along with Monroe Miller, the precinct chairman of Allen's Creek. Miller is spearheading the effort to remove Carr from her position because she appointed a committee without the executive board's approval, something the party's plan of organization states is the party chairman's right.

The executive committee of the Haywood County Republican Party will meet at 6 p.m. Tuesday, June 3, to consider, for a second time, the removal of its chairman, Pat Carr.

The committee met in April for the same purpose at the summons of one-third of the party’s 29-member governing board. About half the executive committee members were absent from the April meeting — one where members of the press, including one who was a long-time Republican, were excluded.

Details of that meeting were made available, however, in a document recorded in the Haywood County Register of Deeds office by Monroe Miller, a GOP executive committee member who appears to be spearheading the effort to remove Carr from the two-year post to which she was elected in 2013.

A faction of the party is upset about a three-member committee that met before the party’s spring annual meeting and recommended returning the composition of the executive committee to the way it was before each precinct chairman and vice chairman was added to the group.

In an interview Tuesday, Carr said she disputed the charges leveled against her, which include not operating according to the political party’s plan of organization.

The party chairman has the right to appoint committees under the organization plan with the exception of the audit and finance committees, which must be appointed with the approval of the executive committee.

“They hope to remove me from the chairmanship, but the bottom line is, they need 20 votes to do that, and they simply don’t have it,” Carr said. “The plan of organization requires a two-thirds majority. We have 29 members on the board. By my count, the best they can come up with is probably 13.”

Carr said it is possible those who support her may be absent from the June 3 meeting just as they were in April.

“We don’t have a duty to outvote them. The duty is on them to come up with 20 votes for removal,” Carr said.

The special-called June 3 meeting to remove Carr from office will be held at the party headquarters, 303 N. Haywood St. in Waynesville.

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