Golf Column

Great gifts for your golfer

By Paul Viau | Dec 08, 2013
Photo by: File Paul Viau

There is one sure-fire way to keep the golfer in your life off the links on Christmas day — have some good, golf-related gifts for him/her under the tree.
For example, nothing entices a golfer like a very long box under the tree. And here’s a secret, you can get one of those boxes (empty) from a golf pro shop or sporting goods company — then fill it with whatever golf goodies you like.
Why not find one of the ‘retired’ putters your golfer is not currently using and re-gift it to him/her along with a gift certificate for a series of putting lessons.
There’s a good chance his/her putting game will improve — without having to spend $200 on yet another putter.
Along that same deceiving line, you can find a bigger box —about the size that would hold a new golf bag — and stuff it with a roll of indoor-outdoor carpet.
As I mentioned in an earlier column, Carpet Barn can hook you up with a nice length of practice putting surface for under $30, and you can pick the pattern.
You will be giving the golfer in your life endless hours of practice time — “putting around” the den and/or basement.  And come next spring, he/she might thank you again for the lower scores.
Pleeeeease, resist the temptation to buy your golfer one of those putter-trainers that kicks (returns) the ball. For starters, it’s more expensive, but more importantly, walking and bending over are healthy winter activities for golfers. Sorry for the preaching.
Along that subject, you might want to consider a “walking bag” so the golfer on your list will get more exercise. Sure, he/she already has a nice golf bag, but a walking bag will help with fitness and save money on every round.
Here’s another related switcheroo gift idea for you. Buy your golfer a new driver head cover — one cheering on his favorite football team, or expressing his whacky side.  Tuck a gift certificate inside the head cover for a series of golf lessons. You don’t even have to wrap this gift, just pin it to the mantle along with the other Christmas stockings. I guarantee, your golfer will find it — and love it.
For avid golfing families, you might start a tradition using golf head covers for all your Christmas stockings. You’ll save money in the long run, because they hold less.
Some golfers eat, drink and sleep golf. No problem. Good Christmas stocking stuffers are snacks for the course, Tervis Tumblers for Gatorade or any other designated beverage and golf-themed pajamas for ‘rest time.’
Golf socks also make good stocking stuffers, along with balls, tees, markers and replacement spikes. And since it will soon be winter, don’t forget those comforting, disposable hand warmers. They can make a round of winter golf much more bearable.
So happy gift giving to all the golfers on your list. And don’t forget to invest in the gift that keeps on giving — a series of lessons that will improve your enjoyment of the game.