Green With Envy

By Kristian Buckner | Sep 05, 2012

Perhaps envy is the power that runs the world. A deep, lusty, passionate love comes first. A desire, a care, a change, a love, and all hell breaks loose.


They say money rules the world, they were wrong. Envy rules the world. Those who want to be the wealthiest, most attractive, most successful, just best; those people who have enough drive to manipulate their lives into what they want it to be will rule the world.


I'd say it all starts when we're young and taught that you have to share. "Share your cookies, little Timmy." No. No one wants to share their cookies, or toys, or anything that they feel is rightfully theirs. It's basic realization of what you have in your hands is something, whether or not you realized before, that you very much desire. To lose this desirable thing? Well, that would be a tragedy. As we grow older it's much more than animal crackers and toys found in the sandbox, it's people, things, and worst of all, ourselves. As young adults we become jealous of those who look better than us, are smarter, have more money, whatever it is. Jealousy grows from an admiration and turns into something worse. Then developes self loathing for being incomparable. Eating disorders, stealing to get those things that you can't have, anything to one up the other.


These are extreme cases, yes. But we all know that there isn't a person out there who has not felt envious. Even a slight envy for wanting to be better in any way. We've all felt that desire to be better, and that's normal. We even compare ourselves to others in ways that's harmful to our well being at times. Young girls establish complexes that follow them throughout their lives. Kids bully to feel better about themselves, and on the other end the bullying makes the situation worse. It's a cycle. A terrible cycle that's run by envy.


Then, there are those who fall in love. Love creates possibly the most intense envy of all. It creates the envy that has a strong foundation of fear, desire, and need. Need for love from your significant other, desire for them to only desire you, and fear that there will be someone that much better that they will fall in love with in the mean time. This envy changes the person, changes the relationship. Yet, can there be love without envy?


Maybe we should chalk envy up as a natural human reaction, but when do we take it too far? When will the love be simply love without a consistent tinge of that trechorous green? Perhaps never. Because we cannot have dark without light, happiness without sadness, love without envy.


Combat the rage with some self analyzing and understanding. Let trust over power the envy. Let positivity drive the envy. Be okay with what you have and who you are, trust that that's okay. Trust your love because there's not much elbow room for jealousy. And most of all, let it drive you. See what you want, and don't fear that you may never have it, work for it, tell yourself you will.


There's a balance that controls the world, a yin and yang. There is not one negative without a positive, so the lesson for the week is to let love guide the way without being overpowered. Share your cookies, and you'll be the better person all the while.