Groovy Movie Club screens "Sully"

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127 Happy Acres Road, Waynesville
Buffy Queen
Jan 15, 2017
1:15 PM - 4:00 PM
Photo by: Donated

On Sunday, January 15th, the Groovy Movie Club will screen the Tom Hanks staring bio-pic "Sully" at 2 pm in Dellwood. A wonderful potluck, optional, will begin at 1:30 with homemade, preferably organic, food and then the movie will begin at 2. A lively discussion of the film will follow.

This year begins the 10th year of the Groovy Movie Club showing excellent films, with a message. This is an informal, inclusive group open to the public and there are no dues. They welcome newcomers, Haywood natives, couples, singles, friends, vegetarians, meat eaters, boomers and millennials. The only requirement is that you come with a love of films and enjoy being around others who share that love.

Email for more information and to reserve your seat, or call Buffy at 828.646.8602.

"Sully" is the 2016 film, staring Tom Hanks, Aaron Ekhart and Laura Linney and is the true story of Capt. "Sully" Sullenberger who safely landed a distressed plane loaded with passengers on the Hudson River in the middle of a frigid winter day, with no casualties. The press labeled it "Miracle On The Hudson" but the FAA decided to question Capt. Sullenberger's decisions. Therein lies the drama, as directed by Clint Eastwood. Tom Hanks' performance is one of the finest of his career and this deeply moving film is one of the best of 2016. It is truly a profile in courage.

Join us!