GSC asks for Valentine's Day love offering

Feb 17, 2014
GOOD SAMARITANS — Pictured is Kristin Gruner, PA-C, a GSC provider, tending to Lacey Blalock.

Valentine’s Day is a special day commemorated by the emotion of love.  This year, the Good Samaritan Clinic is asking local churches to take up a love offering sometime during the month of February to help raise funds for the ministry. For the past 15 years, the clinic has served the community of Haywood by offering primary care and mental health services to patients who are under-served in the community.

The primary focus of the ministry is to provide access to care for over 4,600 patients who depend on the clinic to manage their ongoing medical issues.

“It is a challenge to meet expenses,” said Donda Bennett, executive director. “We depend heavily on the support of the churches in our community.  The Valentine’s Day Love Offering is the most important fundraising events the clinic holds and we are praying that the churches recognize our efforts by helping this year.”

Along with a focus on primary care, the ministry side of the clinic continues to grow stronger every day.  Every patient at the clinic is offered a Bible, monthly devotional and support through prayer.  The clinic has a prayer ministry that sends out over 600 emails each week asking for recipients to pray for specific patient needs.

“The Praises & Prayers ministry has been a blessing to the clinic,” said Kristin Gruner, PA-C, clinic provider. “Each week we meet during our devotion time to pray for our patients. The impact of reaching out to over 600 people each week is certainly felt by our patients.”

Along with the Praises & Prayers ministry, several churches support the clinic through their knitting ministry.  The clinic gives out almost 20 prayer shawls and squares each month.

For more information on the Valentine’s Day Love Offering, contact Donda Bennett at 454-5287 or Visit