Hagan calls To extend ACA enrollment deadline

Oct 25, 2013

Washington, DC – U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan today called on the Administration to extend the enrollment deadline for the Affordable Care Act by two months.

“The problems surrounding the federal exchange for the Affordable Care Act are absolutely unacceptable,” said Hagan. “North Carolinians are frustrated that they haven’t been able to enroll in health insurance plans, and I am just as frustrated. Today I am asking the Administration to extend the open enrollment period by two months, and waive the penalty for the individual mandate for the same period of time, to make up for time that is being lost while the website for the federal exchange is not functioning.

“Everyone should be committed to making this work and making health care more affordable, and if that requires fixes, then we need to make those commonsense changes. An extension would provide time to assess the extent of the problems and determine whether additional delays in the individual mandate are necessary. But frankly, the Administration had plenty of time to get these websites user-ready, and I would like to keep the pressure on to get these problems fixed sooner rather than later so that North Carolina families can get online and shop for the plan that suits them best.

“In the coming days and weeks, the Administration must be fully transparent in their efforts to get the website working. Anything less than complete disclosure and accountability is not acceptable for me or the North Carolinians I talk to everyday. The Administration must improve their communications with the American people about this very important issue.”


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Posted by: Beth G. Johnson | Oct 26, 2013 16:40

I find it ironic that Democrats are now willing to delay the individual mandate but refused to off this as a compromise to prevent the Federal government shut down.

Posted by: Charles Zimmerman | Oct 27, 2013 10:00

        Being retired and not on any govt. programs, we watched most all the debates about shutting down the govt, defunding/eliminating ACA, paying the bills Congress alreddy ran up, etc. I don't remember any offer of delay of the ACA sign-up in order to assuage teabagger demands. Just outright subversive tratorious and seditious acts. One after another. All to appease the very idea that anyone would actually hurt other people by shutting down OUR govt. Or to defeat the ACA roll-out/Obama himself. Except for hurting innocent bystanders, threatoning OUR credit rating, causing the world to lose faith in US, etc, the seditionists/seccessionists accomplished nothing. Except for self-expossure, perhaps.

       ted cruise should be in jail. Like oliver north, his treachery will go unpunished, most likely.

       virginia fox in a moment of earstwhile honesty, gave the goal of her contingiency away when she said that the social programs enacted in the '30's were a mistake and it was her/their intent to do away with any and all social programs. Whoop! There it is!


         Chuck Zimmerman

Posted by: Penny R Wallace | Oct 27, 2013 11:32

Responding to Beth Johnson, Sen. Hagan asked for an extension of the deadline not a delay. There is no irony. She's not advocating throwing the baby out with the bath water.  Keeping the good pieces and fixing what's not so good is what good politics (human relations) is all about.

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