Hair today, gone tomorrow

Did you know? Unwanted hair a growing problem
By Paul Viau | Sep 15, 2011
Photo by: File photo NIBBLE MY EAR, PLEASE — Laser hair removal can make you look and feel years younger.

Men, this is not just another, “Woe is me, I’m going bald” sob story … so please, read on. This is all about that hair you don’t want and how to get rid of it.

Perhaps you are like me and have these great tufts of black hair growing out of your ears … My wife calls them “Old man ears,” and goes on (and on) likening my ears to memories of her grandfather from the old country.

Or maybe you’re like my college fraternity brother, nicknamed “Grilla,” who was (as hair enthusiasts say) quite gifted — hair everywhere — especially on his back. Grilla was the envy of every primate.

I was not so hair gifted — until I turned 30. I had a hair “coming out” party on my last visit to Al, the long-time family barber.

I had just accepted an advertising job in the Midwest and was leaving Denver.

I visited Al one last time both to “clean up my act” and say goodbye to an old friend.

Al had been my barber from age 8 to nearly 30. His careful hands and scissors guided me through flat tops, Princetons, Hollywoods and an occasional summer buzz. But this day, (making small talk) Al said. “Paul, you must be about 30 now.”

“My birthday is next week,” I replied. “How did you know?”

Al then stunned me with one of the great hair facts of life.

Did you know? — Men start growing hair on their ears at about age 30.

Here’s another stinger. The hair in, on and around your ears continues to grow at a geometric rate until your 60s — when after just a week of neglect, you can look like Wolf Man.

But thanks to my loving wife, Carol, that unsightly ear hair is behind, because she suggested I try laser hair removal.

Why didn’t I just wax my ears, you might ask.  I already have enough earwax, thank you.

Laser hair removal is quick, clean and almost painless, especially compared to the yellow jackets that attacked my ears last summer.

For my procedure, I visited Darcia Bondurant at Mountain Radiance Medical Spa.

Darcia is a medical aesthetician, with extensive training on skin care, including the operation of the “Lightsheer pigment-seeking diode laser.”

As the name implies, L.P.S.D. targets the melanin — the dark pigment that gives hair its color. As the melanin absorbs the laser’s light, the heat generated destroys hair follicles and terminates that growth cycle. All you feel is a little pressure, followed by what feels like a rubber band snapping the skin.

It usually takes more than one treatment for hair removal to be permanent, but in my book (which I still haven’t written) it is worth every penny.

After my first ear procedure, my wife exclaimed, “You have young ears again.”

The only trouble is, the rest of me is still old as dirt.

Which reminds me of another important fact I leaned from Darcia. The pigment-seeking laser only works on hair with pigment. When you hair turns white, you’re out of luck. So men, get rid of that unwanted hair while you can.  You snooze; you lose.

For more information about laser hair removal (an earful, in fact), contact Darcia Bondurant at Mountain Radiance Medical Spa at 627-9946, or visit the spa’s website at

And perhaps you should pass this story on to lady friend, especially if she has a better mustache than yours. Just tell her Paul Viau sent you.