Handgun permit applications now offered online

Apr 30, 2014
Those who wish to purchase a handgun may now fill out an application online instead of having to pay a visit to the sheriff's office.

To improve efficiency and provide better customer service, Haywood County residents who wish to apply and pay for permits to purchase handguns may now do so online.

The new online process became available Monday, and those interested in utilizing it can navigate to the Haywood County Sheriff’s Office gun permit application page at https://haywoodso.permitium.com/ to apply and pay for handgun permits.

“This technology is simply another tool being made available to help streamline the process as much as possible and make it more convenient for the public,” said Haywood County Sheriff Greg Christopher.  “It enables applicants to apply for permits anytime day or night, holidays or weekends.”

When applications are received, orders are given a unique number to help with referencing and tracking. Using this number together with their name and email address, applicants can check the status of their order anytime. Applicants are notified via automated email, telephone or text about the issuance or denial of permits, or whether there is a need for additional documentation.

After the permit has been granted, applicants come to the Haywood County Sheriff’s Office within 14 days with their approval notice and valid state-issued picture identification to pick up their permits.

The digital application service can save clients time and money by alleviating multiple calls and trips to the sheriff’s office to apply for and check on the status of their permits, the sheriff said. It is also expected to streamline the process for sheriff’s office personnel, who handled more than 1,500 gun permit applications in 2013.

“This technology will not only be helpful for our citizens, but also for our staff,” Christopher said. “By not having to spend so much time processing applications, our employees will be able to use that time to better serve the public in other matters.”

Christopher realizes that not everyone has easy access to a computer or internet to be able to apply online; therefore, those who wish to apply may still come to the Haywood County Sheriff’s Office at 1620 Brown Ave., Waynesville, between 8:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays, or 9 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Fridays, to fill out an application in person. These hours are also available to pick up permits.

The cost, as set by the state, remains $5 per gun permit regardless whether the application is made online or in-person.  There is a $3 convenience fee charged by the company to pay online, and applicants may pay using major credit cards or electronic check. The fees are non-refundable.

The online application process will not take the place of someone picking up the permit, which must still be done in-person with picture ID at the sheriff’s office.  Name and address on the applicant’s identification must match the application.  All state law requirements for handgun permits still apply.

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Posted by: Ken Brown | May 04, 2014 13:16

Although seemingly intended as a controversy-free, informational article, I find the verbiage of this piece intriguing.  North Carolina does not require a permit to buy, own or posses a hand gun.  North Carolina does require a permit to carry concealed.  Sure, there is the obligatory background check for purchasing a weapon, but that is not the same thing as a "permit."

Posted by: Charles Zimmerman | May 05, 2014 08:08

                   Before federal change of concealed carry permitting, the N.C. Constitution was quite specific in not allowing any such thing. Too bad gun huggers changed it.



Posted by: Scott Lilly | May 05, 2014 10:18

It's a whole different feel in places like NJ where guns aren't allowed to be carried.  NJ criminals have little fear of concern that their targets might be armed.  I stayed there for a few months last year.  The local police came to my apartment to deliver a notice that monitoring of a known sexual predator within a block gave reason to believe his risk-level was suddenly higher.  My wife looked at the officer with a blank face with two young children in the background.  As NC citizens, we were not permitted to have a firearm at all in the state of NJ.  In our NC home, at least we would have a chance to defend our home or person rather than like NJ, you just call the police to clean up whatever crime already occurred.

Posted by: Charles Zimmerman | May 06, 2014 07:24

                 Personaly I prefer a machete for home protection.

                 No permit needed.



Posted by: Ken Brown | May 07, 2014 15:38

Not to be pedantic, but for home protection, you don't need a permit for a hand gun either.  Besides, machetes leave and awful mess.


Posted by: Scott Lilly | May 07, 2014 16:49

Mr. Brown, according to the NC DOJ, you indeed need a permit to purchase a handgun.  If memory serves, you might be able to use a conceal-carry permit in lieu of a handgun purchase permit.


Ref: http://www.ncdoj.gov/getdoc/32344299-a2a7-4ae5-99fd-9018262f64ac/2007-NC-Firearms-gun-Laws.aspx


I also read last year that there was legislation being considered that might make handgun purchase permits obsolete.  But I could find no information about if that legislation passed.


"Under North Carolina law, it is unlawful for any person, firm, or corporation to sell, give away, transfer, purchase, or receive, at any place in the State, any pistol, unless the purchaser or receiver has first obtained a license or permit to receive such a pistol by the sheriff of the county where the purchaser or receiver resides, or the purchaser or receiver possesses a valid North Carolina issued concealed carry permit. This requirement to obtain a permit prior to the transfer of a pistol applies not only to a commercial transaction, typically at a sporting goods store, but also between private individuals or companies throughout North Carolina. N.C. Gen. Stat. § 14-402(a)."

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