Hangover cures, separating fact from fiction

By Forbes | Dec 31, 2012
In truth, scientists don't truly have the exact answer as to the actual causes of a hangover. However, we do know that replacement with fluids helps to improve symptoms of nausea and a pounding headache. Ultimately, your state of hydration is the most likely predictor of whether you will get the bothersome headache and nausea the next morning.

"Hangover pills" such as Chaser, RU-21 and PreToxx are not typically effective for hangover symptoms. Some of the pills, including a product known as "PreToxx" which contains cysteine, milk thistle and prickly pear, (which are claimed to reduce nausea and accumulation of liver toxins) claim that they may help alleviate some hangover symptoms- however, there is no clear evidence that these are better than just rehydration and taking OTC anti-inflammatory or pain relievers such as ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil) or acetaminophen(Tylenol).


Another product named Blowfish from Rally Labs LLC claims that their remedy which contains "pharmcologic caffeine" (120 mg) as well as buffered aspirin (1000 mg) is better than just drinking coffee and taking aspirin due to the patented design of their buffered aspirin combined with the caffeine. They claim that within 15-30 minutes after dissolving the pill in a glass of water, you will begin to feel significantly better. They also claim that the pharmacologic caffeine produces less irritation to the stomach, while the high buffered aspirin dose provides more rapid and sustained relief of your headache. The FDA has approved this product for OTC use, and some have gained relief from this product.


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