Happy Hank Finds His Family Again!  Now He's Home for the Holidays.

By Sarge's Animal Rescue Foundation | Dec 10, 2012
Photo by: Michael Ritter Mom and girls find Hank at last!

It's always the season for a wonderfully heartwarming story, isn't it?

High-spirited Hank, a terrier mix, took a walk on the wild side one day about month ago.  He didn't return and his family was desolate.  His family did everything they could think of to find him, to no avail.  Finally, someone directed them to Sarge's and this is the tale they heard.

Hank was turned into the Haywood County Animal Shelter and just before he was scheduled to be euthanized, he was selected as an adoptable pet and taken to Sarge's. Somewhere in this process, he acquired a new name – Major.  Debi Slater, our Operations Manager, fostered Major for a few weeks, and then he was sent to Connecticut where there are more people and thus, greater opportunities for adoption.  Enter the Reagan family --  mom, dad, son and twin daughters.  They described their beloved Hank to Debi, but their description didn't ring any bells.  They also had a photo which was not too clear, except for the white strip on the forehead which stood out like a lightning bolt.  Debi recognized him immediately and knew that he had been sent to Connecticut to be put up for adoption.  She contacted the Connecticut Humane Society and spoke to the manager, Nancy Patterson.  "Do you want to make someone happy at Christmas?" she said.  And good news!  Major Hank had not yet been adopted. Mom and girls burst into tears of relief and joy.

Quickly a return trip was organized and on Friday, December 7th, the Reagan family came to Sarge's Adoption Center.  Debi walked the twins around showing them several dogs and asking, "Is this your dog?" to which the twins said, "No".  Then she took them out into the yard, but they were looking in the wrong direction and didn't see Major Hank.  Finally, Mom saw him and got a huge smile on her face.  Then the twins turned around. It was a joy to see their delight.  Hank ran over and jumped up into his mom's arms.  Both dog and family, happy at last!

It was another example of good Sarge’s teamwork and good luck, and now Hank is truly home for the holidays.