Hard work begins now for Haywood prison project

Jul 18, 2014

Haywood County’s project to convert the former Hazelwood prison into a homeless shelter, half-way house and community kitchen is now a top six finalist to win $50,000 in project funding through the Ty Pennington/Guaranteed Rate Ultimate Neighborhood GiveBack Challenge.

The local support from residents voting on Facebook was incredible. Haywood’s project received the most votes of any project and stayed far ahead of all the others. But clicking a button on Facebook is easy — now the hard work will begin.

The voting portion of the competition only counts for 20 percent of a project’s overall score. The judges also are looking at how much impact the project would have on a community and whether the community has plausible plans to execute the project.

There’s no doubt this project would have a major impact on this community for years to come and a majority of residents support it. But now we need to prove to the judges that we are motivated to make it happen, whether we win the challenge or not.

Fundraising needs to be our main focus right now. If we could raise a significant amount of money to put toward the project costs by the end of July when the winning project is slated to be selected, it would show the judges how deserving we are of the $50,000 grand prize.

One way to do that is to buy a ticket now for the Haywood Helps fundraising gala to be held at Laurel Ridge Country Club on Aug. 28. If all 500 tickets were sold by the end of the month, we would have a 100-percent match for the Ultimate Give Back Challenge grand prize. That would send a strong message to the judges.

Tickets cot $100 and can be purchased at The Mountaineer, 220 N. Main St. in Waynesville, by sending checks to Mountain Projects/Haywood Helps, 2251 Old Balsam Road, Waynesville, NC 28786 or donate through the Haywood Helps Facebook page by clicking “Give Now.”

If you can’t attend the gala, consider making any donation you can to assist this project to show your support. The final round of Facebook voting will continue through July 29. To watch the video about the project and share it with friends, go to http://bit.ly/1vJi54g or visit the Guaranteed Rate Facebook page.

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Posted by: Scott Lilly | Jul 18, 2014 11:42

You know, I'm even starting to get pulled into this .  Step 1: Make sure any charity to which you donate has appropriate financial control and usage.  I didn't see any published financial records on Mountain Projects online.  I wrote to the info@mountainprojects.org address and it came back undeliverable.  Where does this organization publish its accountability of donations?  For such a prominent organization, I'm sure their audited financial records are available for public consumption.  I'm sure I (and others interested) just need a little guidance on that matter.

Posted by: jessi stone | Jul 18, 2014 13:25

Scott - I think this is what you are looking for -http://www.mountainprojects.org/Audit_Summary__2012-2013.pdf

Posted by: Charles Zimmerman | Jul 19, 2014 10:42

             I vote no.

             Where is the statistics proving a need for action?

             Why isn't the jail providing any rehabilitation?

             There are many churches within walking distance. Why aren't they addressing this problem? If it exits! Downtown Frog Level ain't that far away.

              Why secular purpose does involving preachers accomplish?

               Using publicly funded assets to advance a religious goal is illegal and forbidden in this Republic. How will this issue be addressed?

                Is it sustainable or will it be a one time deal?

                How will it affect other such organizations? This is vital!

                What effect will this have on the church members of the preachers involved?






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