Did you know?

Has anyone seen Phil Robertson?

By Paul Viau | Jan 01, 2014
Photo by: File photo KEEP A LOOK OUT — With Duck Dynasty under siege, we should all be careful what we say.

Christmas Day has come and gone, and I hope you and yours had a wonderful celebration and close family gathering.

Ours was small, but “Just Ducky.”

It was “My brother the mad scientist” (DYK 6/12/13), his wife, Pam, yet unpublished, Carol (“Watch out for Big Red” — DYK 07/03/13) and myself.

Oh yes, our rescued cats, Maya and Marissa (published too many times to list) provided most of the entertainment.

Despite the chilling cold outside, we enjoyed a warm and wonderful Christmas Day, gathered around the fireplace — far, far away from any duck blind.

Our halls were “decked” not “ducked.” Our Christmas tree (as well as our beards) were neatly trimmed, and I saw no camouflaged clothing.

Did you know? — The trouble with camouflaged clothing is that no one sees you when you are wearing it. In fact, if it’s really good camouflage, no one even knows you are there at all.

So it’s quite possible that Phil Robertson, patriarch of "Duck Dynasty," was there with us for Christmas — perhaps hiding from the media. If he were, he would have been sad to see no "Duck Dynasty" hats or T-shirts under the tree. No bearded chia pets. Not even a single camouflaged D.D. beer coozie. And we really like our beer.

I know my brother is not a big "Duck Dynasty" fan. When your email signature is Professor Emeritus, you don’t answer to duck calls.

I, on the other hand, have watched a D.D. episode or two, and admired Phil Robertson. In one episode I watched, he was teaching his grandkids a lesson about putting down their electronic devices, encouraging them to get up and go outdoors, and enjoy “playing” in the real world.

The elder Robertson supervised the kids as they cleared a huge field of debris, then mowed and weed-whacked everything, eventually turning it into a high school level football field — complete with regulation goal posts.

It was a good episode and a good lesson, but all the decoys in the world couldn’t hide the fact that the Robertsons had turned their “calling” into a financial empire. But as a consequence of their fame and fortune, they can’t hide — even if (heaven forbid) they went clean-shaven.

Nope, all the camouflage in the world won’t keep the Robertsons from media scrutiny. So when Phil Robertson spoke out about his closely held beliefs about gays and minorities, it became a media bombshell. And the harder he and other family members tried to “duck” the issues, the more the dynasty came under siege.

Say what you will about the Robertsons' reality series, I hope the outspoken patriarch of the family doesn’t take the show and the family down. I’d miss all their amusing merchandise at Walmart.

It’s a lesson for all of us — think before you talk. Don't say anything that will hurt someone. And most importantly, don’t lump whole groups of people into one category.

We are all individuals, and that is how we should be judged.

As for Phil Robertson, I think the case is clear.

If it walks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.