Having fun with your Animals!

By Sharon Baldwin | Aug 23, 2012
A wee goat tells a tale!

          Is the coffee ready? Let's have a cup while I tell you a cute story!

      The golf cart bounced and jounced along the bumpy track to the barn as a laughing brunette held the wheel steady. Her two dogs balanced precariously on the seat and in the rear a little Pigmy goat rocked back and forth in his homemade wooden basket.  He seemed about to take a flying dive as they rounded the final turn and braked to a stop. “Oh ho,” said the attractive 30-something female, “We made it.” Everyone piled out at the gate to begin the afternoon chores.

            Whether or not everybody takes their animals for a ride in the car, truck, or golf cart we can still have fun and enjoy each other’s company. This story began at one of my workshops when this little goat came to stand beside me as I was answering a question asked by one of the participants. He stood there chewing his cud and cocked his head first one way and then the other. In my mind I heard, “Excuse me.” I glanced over and kept talking. “EXCUSE ME,” he said. “Okay,” I said aloud. “Just a minute, please.” I smiled at the assembled crowd and said, “If you guys will bare with me a minute, this little guy has something to share, NOW.” There were chuckles all round. “Sure, go ahead,” they said.

            Mr. Goat told me that he wanted to share this story in hopes that he could let it go and stop thinking about it any more. He showed me a picture of a chestnut horse jumping a fence. A very small goat was lying in the grass and as the horse landed she hit him with her front feet and sent him tumbling. She bowled him over and over and he lay still. I looked up and scanned faces until I made eye contact with my hostess for the weekend, the goat’s person. Her face was white. “I can’t believe it,” she said. She looked over to one of her friends who sat shaking her head and staring at me. They both started talking at once. It seems Sue and her friend were at the barn when one of the horses broke loose and bolted. She went straight for the fence and didn’t stop, cleared the fence, and just as the goat said, sent him flying. They ran for the goat thinking him dead. As it turned out, he was unconscious. He came to in a matter of minutes, shook his head a few times and ambled away. They watched him closely for several days and he seemed to be fine. This was the first they had thought about the incident in several years and were terribly surprised to find that Buddy was still bothered by the incident.

            The small goat started to walk quietly away after telling his story and turned back, “One more thing,” he said, “I’d like to ride in the golf cart.” W-e-l-l, guess what happened?  

Thanks for joining me for coffee! See ya next week!


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