Haywood Spay and Neuter helps pit bulls

By Sandy DeLappa | Jul 19, 2013
Photo by: Donated photo Haywood Spay and Neuter is offering free services for pit bulls and pit bull-type dogs at the clinic, located at 182 Richland St.

Volunteer with Haywood Spay/Neuter — Haywood Spay and Neuter, formerly HAWA, received grants from ASPCA, Ryan Newman and Animal Farm to help pit bulls and pit bull-type dogs in Haywood County receive help.  Haywood Spay and Neuter, located at 182 Richland St., is offering not only free spay and neutering, but also rabies and distemper/parvo vaccines and a microchip.

There is a movement underway to help pit bulls and pit bull-type dogs, and  Haywood Spay and Neuter is taking the lead by offering these services. They have assisted over 117 Pit Bull and Pit Bull-type dogs in the past six months.

Why do responsible pet owners spay and neuter? What are the advantages? Spay and neutering eliminates unwanted litter and improves the pet’s health by reducing some cancers and certain tumors. In addition, roaming by males will be reduced, females will not go into heat, and natural male aggressive tendencies (such as dog bites) will be reduced. Spaying and neutering also benefits the community by reducing the number of stray animals, which helps reduce costs for Animal Services.

Haywood Spay and Neuter has been working particularly hard to reach pit bull owners because of the rate of pit bulls seen in the Haywood County Animal Shelter – 115 in the first half of this year. Unfortunately, the rate of adoption for these animals from the shelter is very low. A large percentage are not adopted and are therefore euthanized. This is particularly heart-breaking because these dogs are for the most part friendly, healthy, smart and adoptable.

Hopefully the misconceptions and fears surrounding these beautiful dogs will change some day and they will stop being mistreated and used for illegal activities. Take a first step by taking advantage of this free service and by passing the word to friends and family. For more information, call Haywood Spay and Neuter at 452-1329.